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We had now four meetings in Marburg/Germany, Barcelona/Spain, Sofia/Bulgaria and Lodz/Poland. and now you find the results of our work.

In Lodz we signed a declaration that we will develope further our project ideas and implement all methods into our daily work.

All results and products now are available in all languages of the partners and additionally also in Fench. Tell us what you are thinking about this first step.

If you need more information don't hesitate to contact the coordinator:

Dieter.Schulze (a) inibia.eu 


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


Antragsteller von H-CoDe
Arbeit und Bildung e.v.
Angelika Funk
Krummbogen 3
35039 Marburg
Email: funk (a) arbeit-und-bildung.de

Koordinator von H-CoDe
Dieter Schulze
Eichenallee 5
59514 Welver-Dinker
Email: Dieter.Schulze (a) inibia.eu

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Arbeitsplan (statt Mauris ..)
Deutsch: Arbeitsplan: Dieser Arbeitsplan in unserem
Leonardo-Innovations-Transfer-Projekt ist eine Herausforderung. Das wissen
wir und setzen alles daran, sie auch zu meistern Bislang liegen wir im
Englisch: Workplan: This work plan in our Leonardo Transfer of
Innovation project is a challenge. We know this and do everything to master
this challenge. So far we are on schedule.

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